The Pig Ponders: How to Apply a Meat Rub

Congratulations! You have purchased one of our fresh batch, artisan rubs!

To help you get the MOST out of your rub, here are our 4 easy steps on how to apply a meat rub - for MAXIMUM FLAVOR.

#1 – BLOT

We recommend that you “blot” your protein with a paper towel to remove any excess moisture. This helps prepare the surface by taking off any residual water that could dilute the rub.


You will want to have one hand for sprinkling the rub over the meat. The other hand will be to vigorously rub it in. Now here we are not going for a timid sprinkle, we are RUBBING it on – massaging it so to speak. You want to really work in the rub into the meat fibers to pull in the spices and herbs which will nicely absorb into that primary layer. How much rub to use? We suggest 1 tbsp. of rub for every pound of meat you’re cooking.

#3 – SEAL

Be sure to coat/rub both sides of the protein – not just one side and give it a good pat with the flat of your hand. This will seal it on nicely. Don’t be shy. Use a generous amount on both sides. The more rub you use, the more flavor. Caveat: If you are using one of our rubs containing salt, you will want to apply the rub in a more moderate amount, or it may become too salty for your liking. REMEMBER: You can order ANY of our rubs without salt if you prefer!

#4 – WAIT

Why do we say wait? Well… IF you have the time, we always suggest you leave the rub on for a good 20-30 minutes. Now. You do NOT have to wait. This is not a rule. You can just start cooking right away. But letting it sit for this amount of time does give the rub time to “soak in” and get down into the layers. It doesn’t change the effect of the outer crust, but it does seem to enrich the flavors.

NOW… the next exciting part. Toss in the pan, on the grill, in the oven, in the air fryer, or in the smoker... and cook as you normally would. Be prepared to be WOWED!


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