Our Story


Welcome to the world of fresh batch, chemical and gluten free, vegan-friendly artisan seasonings and rubs with The Pondering Pig. 

We are a small, but mighty business - creating carefully handcrafted spice rubs and seasonings. We are passionate about spices. Our mission? To bring fresh aromatic seasonings and rubs right into your kitchen, helping you transform (in just minutes), everyday meals into mouth-watering culinary creations!

Following a strictly plant-based diet? We've got you covered! Check out our incredible vegan/vegetarian products:

  • Tofu Seasonings
  • Tofu Rubs
  • Vegan-Inspired Seasonings... like our incredible Crispy Chickpea Seasoning!
  • Smoothie & Drink Seasonings



We craft all our products in small, fresh batches at the time of order. We do not mass manufacture and pre-package. That means you get our products freshly made when you submit your order - every time.

We source our organic spices from around the world. Our products contain spices imported from North America, Central America, Jamaica, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and Europe.

We use only pure ethically-sourced organic spices, botanicals, seeds, and non-GMO fruit and vegetable extracts. We NEVER use anti-caking agents, fillers, colors, synthetic flavorings or preservatives. That's what makes us different.

Our Bottom Line: No Weird Stuff. Ever.

Because we don't use anti-caking agents, we encourage you to give our seasonings/rubs/blends a good stir with a fork before using to break up any natural clumps that may form. A good stir will also re-mix the spices, ensuring all the flavor layers and natural oils are again evenly distributed, as heavier spices can settle to the bottom.



We measure and mix all our high-quality ingredients by hand, ensuring our blends work harmoniously together in every recipe. Our most widely used tool? A large (and very heavy) granite mortar and pestle – an age-old tradition for grinding spices by hand. This technique releases aromatic oils, and increases flavor intensity.

Our other tool? A heavy cast iron skillet – for our blends that contain toasted spices, adding a wonderful complexity and depth.



We love this planet – so all of our spice products come to you in 100% recycled, environmentally friendly packaging. They are made out of materials that can be 100% re-purposed.

Our products are fully labelled, and some contain instructions on how best to use. See our website for recommended proteins for each of our seasonings and rubs. Of course, we encourage creativity… so feel free to find other ways to incorporate our wonderful blends into your culinary creations!



Note: Our products are sold by weight and volume. Contents may settle during shipping.