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The Pondering Pig

Roasted Veggie Herb Seasoning (SALT-FREE)

Roasted Veggie Herb Seasoning (SALT-FREE)

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Our earthy, salt-free Roasted Veggie Herb Seasoning puts pan roasted veggies under a fragrant herbal blanket. We have crafted this herbaceous seasoning WITHOUT SALT, so that you can add as much salt to your veggies as you like.

We use a mortar and pestle to delicately crush rosemary and garden herbs to release the right amount of fragrant oil. A great seasoning for roasting fall and winter root veggies… and it smells incredible in the oven! Try sprinkling over a roasting chicken for added herby goodness.

Recommended: Carrots, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Chunked Red Onion, Yams, Rutabaga, Eggplant

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